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Welcome to Stoneywish

Within sight of the South Downs and close to the historic village of Ditchling, the 50 acres of Stoneywish offer a magical retreat from the rush of modern living. Here you will find a corner of Sussex countryside as it used to be, meadows, wetlands and woodland full of native flowers and home to a wealth of wildlife, in addition to our own farm animals.

There are gardens and exhibitions for the older visitor to explore, gentle walks for every age and ability, and plenty of room for children's play in our play area. Bring a picnic and relax for the whole day!

We had such a lovely day at Stoneywish. There was so much to do & enjoy!

Explore, relax, enjoy...

Everyone who loves the countryside will find something to enjoy here: walks that change with every season, beautiful Shaker-style herb and veggie gardens, exhibitions on social history and celebrated local figures. And if you are very young, there is a Nature Corner, just for you, where you can play and learn about all the things you will see in the park. You are never too old or too young for Stoneywish!

The animals...

Take your time to go round the reserve. The wildlife is shy but if you are patient you may see some of our special residents, herons, woodpeckers, little owls, foxes, and even deer. And of course don't miss the giant carp you can feed and the friendly farm animals that will often come up to say hello.